Monday, February 2, 2015

No-Sew Jacket Recon

Hello lovely crafty people! I know it's been a while since I posted up a clothing recon (or anything for that matter - sorry about that!), but I did something really fun that I wanted to share with you! Usually I like to really go for it with my recons, but sometimes simple is better. In this case, it was just a matter of choosing fabrics, cutting, and gluing to turn a plain and simple jean jacket into something I actually wanted to wear.

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This jacket.

I mean I like it. It fits well, it's perfect for cool-ish days, but...ugh...


It DOES have these cool-looking panels on the back:

But they would be even COOLER if...

They were covered with fabric!!

It was such a simple process that by the time I started I couldn't stop, even to take pictures. So I only have a few, but I think you'll get the idea.

I took the fabric and laid it right side down on the panel, then used a pen to lightly trace around where the seams were. Now remember, once you flip the fabric over after cutting it, it won't fit in that exact spot, so while I was tracing on the LEFT side of the jacket, this piece will actually go on the RIGHT side:


I used E6000's FabriFuse glue. Pretty damn good stuff if you ask me!

Anyway I really went to town with this project. The whole thing took less than an hour, and overnight to dry.

Suddenly, my jacket went from "I guess I'll wear my jean jacket"...

To "I can't wait to wear my jean jacket!"

It's so fun! I'm honestly having to sit on my hands to keep from doing the whole jacket. That top panel needs some stuff. The sleeves need some stuff. The pockets on the front DEFINITELY need some stuff. The buttons need to be decoupaged...etc. etc. etc...

I'll leave it alone for now. I promise. :)



  1. Ha! You're funny. I like the E-900 glue, but I havn't seen the fabric glue version. I will def look for it, because I'm sure I have a denim jacket that could use some fabric love!

    1. Thank you! The fabric glue version is newish, I think. I saw it over on Mark Montano's YouTube channel and HAD to pick some up. Keep in mind, though, just like the E6000 glue, it is STRONG. So you know. Take breaks. I had a bit of a headache when I was done. BUT WHAT'S A FEW DEAD BRAIN CELLS WHEN I'M MAKING THINGS?!

      Also I know I can hardly take credit for this idea because it's been done by a bunch of other people, but it is an AWESOME way to display scraps of fabrics you can't bear to throw away!