Monday, February 9, 2015

Thor Meme Painting

Tee hee, I made art.

My god, do I love Thor. It might be my favorite Marvel movie? I don't know. Every Marvel movie I watch is my favorite until I watch the next one. But Thor has some of my favorite moments of all time, including, and perhaps especially, when they are in the coffee shop and he says "This drink, I like it! ANOTHER!" and smashes the mug to the ground. It cracks me up every time.

Here's the clip:

Bahahaha. The Internet blew up with memes and here is one of my favorites:

I love that brightly-colored background. I love that smile! I love that line. I also love coffee! So see, it all works out nicely. So I decided to make my own piece of wall art to hang above my coffee machine with a good solid reference to that moment in that awesome movie.

Click "Read More" to see how I did it.

So you'll need a 12" x 16" treated canvas, an assortment of acrylic paints (I used the cheap stuff but if you have better quality paints, use those instead!), various paint brushes, a pencil, a straight edge, and a towel for wiping up mistakes.

You'll also need to open up a document in your favorite word processing software and type out your words, and print it. I recommend using a sans serif font that's as bold as you can get it so you have heavy-weight letters to use. Download a coffee mug stencil from the Internet and print that as well. You'll also need a sharp craft knife and/or a pair of scissors. Finally, every crafter's best friend: Mod Podge (or some other clear-drying glue that you like).


Using your straight edge and a pencil, lightly draw straight lines across your canvas, dividing it into a pinwheel shape. It doesn't have to be perfect, but the lines do have to be as straight as you can get them and must cross at the same point somewhere in the middle of your canvas.

Now, using your acrylics, carefully paint each panel a different color:

It's gonna look like crap if you aren't a perfectionist (which I am certainly not). Don't worry. We'll fix it.

While the first coat of paint is drying, paint the edges of the canvas a cool color. I chose silver:

Now, once your first coat of paint is dry, use a smaller paint brush to touch up any places that need touching up, and carefully, slowly clean up your lines. Take your time, don't freak out, take breaks. It's okay.

Now, using your scissors or your very sharp craft knife, cut out the black lettering and begin to place it on your canvas where you want it. Use your Mod Podge to coat the canvas where you want to place the letters, then apply some Mod Podge to the backs of the letters too. I had a little bit of trouble with the Mod Podge not wanting to stick to the acrylic paint, so I doubled up and was very careful when pressing the letters down. Try not to rub the letters too much. See my letter A below - all that black smudgy stuff is the ink from the paper, which smeared all over when I tried to rub the letter down.

So just gently pat the letters into place, using the back of your fingernail or a paint brush handle to smooth down the edges and bray the letters flat to the canvas. Then put another coat of Mod Podge on top to seal it down.

Cut out your mug - mine was not a color I loved, so I added a streak of silver across the top to give it some texture and a better color.

Glue that down too, the same way as before. Consider any flaws in your painting, especially in the middle of the pinwheel, when you're placing your mug. I love it when my own art gives me chances to cover up my mistakes. :)

Once all of your lettering has been coated with Mod Podge and everything is all dry, you are done! Hang that shit above your coffee machine and imagine you're Thor every morning. That's literally what I've done for the last week.



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