Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pin-O-Rama: 10 Anti-Valentine's Day Sentiments from Me to You

Hello lovelies!

Yesterday I talked about my general "meh"ness towards Valentine's Day. I don't really have anything AGAINST the holiday per se, but it just seems so silly. It's just a day. It's not even a bank holiday! And unlike Halloween (which is also not a bank holiday), you don't even get to dress up in funny costumes and go crazy for a night!

No, no. Valentine's Day is a day for best behavior, flowers that were already dead long before they got delivered to your desk, crappy chocolates in shoddy cardboard heart-shaped boxes, teddy bears that are literally only cute and relevant on that one day, and high expectations that much money will be spent from one person to another.

It just all seems so silly to me. Why devote one day a year to love when really, honestly, EVERY day of the year should be devoted to love? Why restrict ourselves in that way? I'm not saying buy flowers and candy and teddy bears every day, because that would be ridiculous. But WHY do we buy those things? Because we want to show people we care. Meanwhile we could be doing that in a thousand inexpensive (or even FREE!) ways every single day.

Anyway, in honor of the impending holiday and my apathy towards it, I decided to do a Pinterest round-up of my favorite anti-Valentine sentiments that I found today while looking for some commiseration. Turns out I'm not the only one who has a thing against this day.

Warning: some of these images are probably NSFW. Bad words and what not. You have been warned!

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1. As I mentioned yesterday, I am a big fan of "50% off chocolate day" which I celebrate heartily every February 15th. Here is a card just for the occasion from Etsy seller Buck and Libby:

2. There is a particularly (and hilariously) large amount of hatred for poor little Cupid. He and his freaking arrows have caused some real strife in this world, and unsurprisingly, a lot of people seem to want him dead, such as Etsy seller bleuroo:

3. Was the last picture not enough Cupid hate? Check out this coffee mug warmer by Hooked Up By Kim, which provides a "screw Cupid" mentality while ALSO being practical!

4. Maybe you DO like Valentine's Day. I'm not going to judge you for that. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And maybe you like Valentine's Day but you ALSO want to give your special someone an extra...uh, "special" Valentine this year. Look no further than Utopia Printables' adorable but creepy kawaii Valentine's Day card:

5. Or maybe you want something a little more personal - like a special handmade gift that tells the apple of your eye exactly how you feel. Subversive Jewels has got you covered:

6. I'll admit: these cards made me laugh out loud. I think it's the bright, bold font, screaming at you from across the room. You really have to get up close to find the real message on these Valentine's greeting cards from Yes U May Stationery. Sadly, oh so sadly, these are sold out from her shop:

7. There is maybe no Valentine's Day tradition I hate more than those stupid little candy hearts with the little sayings on them. They're chalky and gross and sappy. You know what I like better than things that are chalky and gross and sappy? Things that are creamy and delicious and very, very bad. Like these amazing Insult Candy Poundcakes from The Domestic Rebel (well I love that blog already!):

8. This one is kind of cheating. The original author of the blog post I'm about to mention did not INTEND for this to be a subversive Valentine's Day craft. But honestly? I kind of love how these look like hearts that have been stabbed and are covered with blood. Even though I know that hearts are basically already covered with blood. Because science. But nobody wants to think about THAT on Valentine's Day, do they??? No they do not. Anyway, here is a cool tutorial for Danish Heart Baskets by Rad Megan:

9. Montclair Made knew exactly what they were doing. Exactly. The juxtaposition of silly little hearts and everyone's favorite phobia is just. Freaking. Perfect.

10. And finally, if you're single this Valentine's Day, I recommend the following: get up early, go for a run, make yourself brunch, take a nap, then wake up and drink wine for the rest of the day, all while wearing this shirt from everfitte:

You can thank me in the morning.

Happy Anti-Valentine's Day everyone!


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