About Me

Hahahahahahahaha no.

I am not a pious person.

That doesn't exactly make me a heathen either, although that depends on who you ask. I've just always been fascinated with the symbolism of Hell. Is that so wrong, really? Well, probably.

Somebody once told me that Hell is where you are when you cannot escape that which drives you mad. For me, that means my Hell is the intersection of my creativity, my ambition, my budget, and my skills. The four do not always get along.

I like a lot of Things. Some of the Things I write about in this blog won't even be Things I've Made, but Things Other People Have Made, like artwork, clothes, furniture, knick knacks, quilts, and whatever else catches my fancy. This blog will be, in part, a dedication to Things I Like.

I'll also make Things and post them here. But even if I don't have Things I've Made, I'll always try to post Things Other People Have Made. So there ought to always be something to look at here.

I've got two kids, who are both creative little hellions themselves. Sometimes I'll post Things My Kids Made. Look at my header image! My daughter drew that for me! That is, approximately, exactly what I look like when I'm Making Things.

I have a pretty terrific guy as well, but he doesn't Make Things. He Writes Things. Sometimes I'll post Things He's Written.

I don't know the rules, so I don't follow them. Every Thing I Make is, if sometimes a grievous failure, at least an adventure. I like adventure.

Have an adventure through Hell with me!

(Bring a rosary and some Holy Water, if you know what's good for you. MWAHAHAHAHA.)

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  1. Hello! I read a post today that you wrote several years ago about crafter versus artist. I am having a sort of crisis about this very thing. I don't really make original things---I follow patterns, usually ones involving fabric. Quilts, toys, collages, etc. And I feel that crafting is an inferior form of creativity to artist--but I'm not sure if that is true or not. I don't want to just feed my ego by telling myself that anyone who makes anything at all, is an artist. But could that actually be true? What have you learned about this, for yourself? Is all creativity original in some way or another, because the creators are all unique individuals?