Thursday, February 5, 2015

Girls T-Shirt Quilt

Hello my lovelies!

Remember when I made a t-shirt quilt for my son?

It was this one right here:

Click Read More to find out how (and why, dear god, why) I did it again...

My daughter, to my utter disbelief (ha), was pretty jealous of her brother's new t-shirt quilt. So I gathered up a bunch of her old clothes...

And made a grand effort to cut them up into somewhat uniform pieces (SPOILER ALERT: I failed), and sewed them together to make this quilt:

So basically I started with the Secret Cookie Stash t-shirt and decided to make it the center square. Then, rather than sewing long rows together, I just built the quilt out from that center square. I sewed three squares to each side of the center square (on the left and right sides), then added enough squares along the top and bottom to go end-to-end, and then I just repeated that process until the quilt was the right size.

I wish I had a better tutorial or even a pattern for you, but I don't, because I literally made this up as I went along. Luckily, this one went a lot faster than the last one, and I was done with it in about a week, including the actual quilting part. The backing is just a plain white sheet I had. I hope it wasn't one of the ones I need...but it hasn't come up yet so I'm not going to worry about it. :D

This was a really fun way to preserve some of the clothes that she loved, while still giving her something she can use and enjoy for a long time. Plus, I didn't have to buy a bunch of new fabric, which is always a plus.

Anyway, she loves it and it looks awesome in her room. Yay!

Enjoy your day lovelies!


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