Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WIP Wednesday: T-Shirt Quilt with Bonus Tiered Jewelry Stand!

It's the middle of the week again and I can't wait until the weekend so I can have time to make stuff again!

I made so many things last weekend. I couldn't stop! I've got the bug, for sure. I made another thing I didn't tell you about. When I was at Goodwill on Saturday, buying shirts for yesterday's skirts, I picked up a few other items as well and made this thing!

Isn't it pretty??? It was so easy I was shocked...I keep waiting for it to break suddenly or fall apart or disintegrate into its component atoms...

Click "Read More" to find out how it was done!

So I picked up these items at Goodwill entirely by accident. I saw the little sherry glass and thought it would make a nice bud vase. Then right next to it I saw a cool square candle dish. Then behind that, I saw a small glass bowl. The bottom of the sherry glass was the exact same size as the little indented circle in the candle dish. The base of the glass bowl was the exact same diameter as the top rim of the sherry glass. 

It came together in my mind. I quietly put the items in my basket and walked casually away from the shelf, positive that the other patrons had no idea what genius had just transpired so near them.



Here's what I started with:

It's hard to photograph glass. From left to right, that's the bowl, the sherry glass, and the candle dish. 

Then I used this:

That's right. A glue gun. A mini glue gun at that!

I ran a line of glue along the rim of the sherry glass. I had to work fast because mini glue gun glue dries quickly. I (carefully, gingerly) plopped the glass bowl on top of the sherry glass and held it in place. Literally seconds later, it was secure. 

Then I ran a line of hot glue along the bottom rim of the sherry glass, and (cautiously, oh-so-softly) jammed the glass onto the dish in just the right spot. It stayed put. 

Now. Hot glue is messy. This made a mess. If you look carefully at the finished photos, you can see the messy, wobbly, globby line of glue around the seams. That, dear friends, is why clear glass is the winner here. Something about the way it shines and sparkles makes it very difficult to see the hot glue if you're just looking at it. You'd have to know what to look for. Then you'd have to care (which I didn't because this is going in my bathroom, not the Louvre). 

So anyway. Then I took this:

And I wrapped the shit out of my new piece. I literally just kind of eyeballed it. The places where the wire didn't lay flat against the glass became hooks for earrings. I wrapped the wire tightly around the stem of the glass for beauty's sake but it's hardly necessary. I liked it because it sort of grounds the whole piece. 

It is now a perfect, unique, beautiful thing. I am so happy!

Plenty of room for my rings, earrings, and other little preciouses, including that nifty antique soap dish my mom gave me - the one with the slightly creepy woman's face on it. She really knows how to shop for me. :)

Wait, Beth, that wasn't a WIP! You lied to me!!!

Okay fine, here are a few things I'm planning to work on this weekend:

When my son was 4 or 5, he outgrew a bunch of really cute clothes. Like, some of my favorite shirts in existence were suddenly finding their way to the donation pile. I'm usually pretty generous when it comes to donations, but I couldn't bear it. So, I did what any normal, non-masochistic mom would do: I made him a t-shirt quilt. 

Now my boy is a hell of a boy. He's smart and sweet and kind and hilarious. I would do anything for him. But this quilt? I made this quilt for me. So I wouldn't have to part with these shirts. I am a sentimental sap. 

So I threw it under the Christmas tree that year without even bothering to actually quilt it. I didn't think he'd care a bit. But I was so, so wrong. He loved it!

I mean, I guess it is kinda cool. :)

He loves it still, and sleeps under it every night. But my sweet boy is 8 now and almost as tall as me. He came to me recently and said "Momma! Will you make my quilt bigger?"

And so I will make his quilt bigger. This time he's helping me pick the clothes he's recently outgrown that he wants me to use. I'm glad I didn't quilt it! Adding more should be pretty easy. All I have to do is pull out the side stitches and then find a new backing. Here are our new materials:

This is likely to be a long-term project, unless I catch the bug again this weekend and finish the whole thing in one mad, caffeine-fueled day (hahahahahaha, I'm not going to do that).

Also, something else in my wardrobe had caught my eye...something that needs...fixing...


It's the gigantic, horrible, oversized sweatshirt that I never wear because it is just THAT unflattering!

But I like the color and it's nice and soft, so maybe...just maybe...I can trim off the ribbing at the wrists, neckline, and bottom:

And add something pretty...

And perform a few other to-be-determined cuts, stitches, and embellishments...

And maybe it'll be better in the end. :)

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