Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dream Cocktail Party

Some of you may have seen this article floating around recently. You don't HAVE to click that link, but if you do, you will not be disappointed.

Huffington Post publishes 9 reasons to bring back the old-fashioned cocktail party. By reason #3 on this list, I was sold.



Of course, you can't just have any old cocktail party. You have to have THE cocktail party. The one you never realized you'd always been dreaming of. I couldn't help but daydream a little myself, and as my mind wandered, the whole thing came together...

I have always been madly in love with the "atomic age": that bright-eyed, optimistic view of the future that those who lived in already-optimistic times (the 1950s) believed in so heartily. I wasn't there, so I can't actually speak to how much people believed that the future would be all glitter fabric and pointy shoulders. But I adore the imagery.

So I bring to you today, straight from my very own head, the SPACE AGE COCKTAIL PARTY!


As hostess, I would of course need to absolutely stun in a smashing vintage cocktail dress. It didn't take long before Etsy showed me exactly what I need:

Hummunah-hummunah! Those shoulders! That green! Those skirt flap things! The length is modest but the neckline is surprisingly sexy. Yes, this is absolutely what I would wear.

And since I need to be able to retain both comfort AND style all through the long night, I would pair it with these simple-yet-sparkly low heels:

And because I always need a little whimsy in my special outfits, this headpiece (also from Etsy) should fit the bill nicely, and hammer home the theme of the evening's soiree:


So important to get the right feel going in one's home when one is hosting a cocktail party (I don't know how I should feel about sounding like Brini Maxwell here). Therefore, the following items would be absolutely necessary:

A large piece of sci-fi artwork as a backdrop to the bar.

Atomic wall decals:

Some fabulous mod vases and bowls for snacks and flowers:

And of course an assortment of retro ashtrays placed strategically throughout the house:


What cocktail party would be complete without some kick-ass glassware for guests to sip from?

Like these retro highball glasses:

Or perhaps these:

Oooh, or these!

These atomic-inspired lowball glasses:

And of course, a set of simple but direct martini glasses:

The Most Important Part: The Drinks!

What would a themed cocktail party be without some themed cocktails? A quick Google search gave me the following delightful contenders (many of which were taken from The Drunken Moogle, a FABULOUS video-game themed cocktail recipe site!). Click the links below the pics for the recipes:

Serrice Ice Brandy (A Mass Effect Drink):

Possession (A Bioshock Infinite Drink):


And basically everything from this graphic below (from the ever-informative drunkard.com):

Daydreaming about my perfect cocktail party occupied the better part of an afternoon which would otherwise have been spent lounging on the couch in misery (thanks, seasonal allergies...thanks so much). 

In any case, I am definitely in agreement with HuffPo on this one: there are a lot of perfectly good reasons to bring back the cocktail party. I reiterate: LET'S. DO. THIS.

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