Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Inspirations: Sweater Hat!

Remember when I posted this unfinished hat in a WIP Wednesday post recently? Well, after much nagging from my kiddo (despite our fair city's continued 80-degree weather), I finally finished it while watching Captain America Winter Soldier. Which, by the way, was SO good! I'm ashamed it took me so long to watch it because I am a ginormous fan of the MCU. It was awesome!!!

Anyway, this is an Inspirations post because absolutely no part of this hat came from my own brain. I relied entirely on the inspiration I received from other wonderful crafty bloggers on the wild wonderful worldwide web. Click "Read More" to find out where the ideas for this adorable (if I do say so myself) hat came from!

First of all, there is no shortage of sweater hats to be found on the web. People get so creative with this stuff! Here are some of my favorites:

I love, love, love the funky look of this circus hat from Retread Art:

Those colors make me pretty happy too. :)

Then there's this adorable piece of work from the ever fabulous Crafting in the Rain:

She is the cutest thing - her blog is awesome!!

And I am absolutely in love with this lined earflap/braided-tie number from See Kate Sew (with a free pattern no less!):

Her photography makes me swoon and her projects are always amazing. LOOK AT THAT HAT.

But ultimately I took my final (far more simple) inspiration from - believe it or not - Make It & Love It!

Yes, the very same blog that brought you my 10-Minute Skirts refashion just last week has inspired me yet again. My daughter is almost more grateful for this blog than I am. :)

Here are the adorable baby hats from the inspirational post:


Those colors are to die for. The little bow one is so cute! But my daughter is a "big girl" and is no longer in need of adorable pink hats with bows or fleece poof balls on them.

She wanted something a little more grown up.

I wanted something a little more unique.

I found it on a cardigan.

Have you been to Tea Rose Home? If you haven't, you really, really should. If you visited her site and never came back here ever again, I wouldn't even be mad. Her work is beautiful, her photography is inspired, and I cannot stop looking at the things she posts. 



Okay so I took this idea and applied it to the hat. I found some scraps of fabric that looked nice together and gave me the overall effect I was looking for. I created three different kinds of fabric flowers out of some silky green fabric, and cut out some lace pieces from the scraps from my Lace Tee and Skirt project. I also used some of the gorgeous handpainting from the yard or so of lovely barkcloth I have in my stash.

And this was the final product:

I like it quite a lot! And most importantly, so does my daughter.

Here she is wearing it while we were catching up on Project Runway last night:

I tried to be stealthy, but she noticed me taking the picture and demanded I take another:

She's goofy.


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