Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Inspirations: The 10-Minute Skirt

Happy Tuesday, baby!!

Lookit what I made:

That's a buncha skirts for my daughter, to whom I've been promising skirts for weeks now. Previous efforts include this awesome Hulk skirt:

(Sheesh, pardon the mess in the background there.)

It was fun and adorable but kind of a weird challenge. I got a little burned out on from-scratch skirts, frankly. That is, until I found this:

She makes it look so easy! So I decided to give it a try. And you know what?  SO EASY. 

Here are the shirts I picked, purchased for a mere $1.50 at Goodwill. 

Feeling inspired, I also grabbed this fabric from her stash, one she had specifically requested I make a skirt from:

She likes her bright colors. :)

Following the instructions from Make It & Love It, I carefully cut away the bottom of the shirt from just under the sleeves:

Then I folded over the top edge, leaving the bottom hemmed part of the shirts to become the bottom hem of the skirts. 

I cut a few lengths of elastic based on the Hulk skirt above:

Then I sewed up the top casing, leaving a little open part so I could thread the elastic through. Behold! New skirts!

The one I made out of her desired fabric actually had this cool little detail along the raw edge:

1985! Of course. Only 1985 could produce that fabric. :)

So I left that bottom hem raw. We'll see if it holds up through washings. I hope it does! Maybe it'll be best to hand wash it. Ugh. I guess I just made things a little harder for myself in the end. 

So thank you Make It & Love It for inspiring me once again to make my daughter some skirts! I'll be sure to visit your blog again for more awesome ideas. 

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  1. I didn't like any of the shirts you chose but they look absolutely darling on your daughter. Good lwsson for me...think outside the box!
    Going to make some for my grand daughter!