Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

I willingly admit to stealing this Thursday post title from numerous sources. Everybody and their dog has a Thrifty Thursday post...and now so do I. Deal with it. Dammit.

The trouble is, I haven't been thrifting lately. But, remember my pretty orange dress from the antique mall? Well, that wasn't my only score!

I am a bit of a fabric nut. I have a small, dragon-esque hoard of the stuff. And I'm a bit snobby about it too. I won't just buy any fabric. No, no. It has to be vintage fabric. I am not picky beyond that. 

So I happened to find a few other delightful bits of stuff to take home, all for a truly excellent deal.

Take, for instance, these souvenir dish towels. Have you ever seen these?! I'm positively mad for them! They are amazing! I got these two beauts for only $4 apiece:

Look at those DOORS!!! Isn't that amazing?! I have dozens of these things. Sometimes I make things out of them, but only if the dish towel tells me what to make. 

I'll admit that perhaps this next thing was a bit of an impulse buy. Looking at them now, I don't really see the appeal the way I did in the store. Then I remember that this whole stash of feminine purple fabric was only $1.25. 

It's probably half a yard or so in total, all cut up into squares of various sizes. One day this stuff will tell me what it wants to be...or someone will tell me they want it and I'll give it to them. :)

Finally, I nabbed this kind of kickass scarf for only $5:

It's vintage and in beautiful condition. And look at this pattern!

It's kind of unusual and I love the colors. I can't wait until it's not 95+ degrees outside so I can wear it!

It's almost Friday can make it!

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