Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Accessorize Me, Bitchez!

So as I've mentioned before, I took a little trip to the local Goodwill this past weekend. Well, glass thingies and colorful tees weren't the only things I picked up. Sometimes I get stuff at the Goodwill that are perfectly fine all on their own. No cutting, sewing, gluing, or embellishments needed!

For instance, they have this lovely rack along the back wall filled with purses. Those purses are, each and every one of them, $3.99. Now, a lot of the purses are pretty shabby; they're worn out or faded or ripped or dirty or just plain ugly. But sometimes, if you look real hard, you'll find something neat. 

Now, my purse collection is a sorry state. I have a couple of handbags, including one vintage Dooney & Burke that is classy but kinda boring. I don't really enjoy carrying a purse, overall. At least not every day. I have a small orange wallet with a pocket for my phone and for the most part I just carry that around.

However, even I understand that sometimes a purse is both useful and aesthetically effective. Sometimes, a purse completes a look. And sometimes you need to carry more than the most basic essentials. So I'm building my purse collection, piece by piece, looking for both functionality and form. I think I did okay on my first purse-buying "spree".

Click "Read More" to see pictures of my score!

This New York & Company black pleather handbag spoke to me. It's simple, functional, goes with everything, and the ruffle is to die for:

I picked up another New York & Company piece (completely on accident! Guess I like their stuff). I don't really "understand" clutches, but they sure are freaking cute. And this one seems big enough to be of use to me, nice enough for my extremely rare nice events, but fun enough for daytime use as well:

And it's got a wrist thingie! I'm sold. I love wrist thingies.

I am also in dire need of belts. Holy crap do I need belts. I only have one! Well, one plus a vinyl thing I borrowed from a black winter jacket. But that's it! I need other colors, other styles, and more useful ones than the ones I have! I found this, tried it on, and slam-dunked it into my basket. (I literally did that. Slam dunk and a fist pump. I don't care what people think of me.)

Isn't it cute?? I like the combination of utility and glam. I like weird juxtapositions in my fashion, and this fits the bill quite nicely.

I got another thing too, accessory-related if not an actual accessory. See, up until now, I've kept all my jewelry in a tangled mess in the closet in my bathroom, as you do. (Wait, you don't? Oops.)

It was such a hassle to find anything, I just never wore jewelry, ever. Which is a shame because I have some good stuff!

I've been meaning to make something for a while - something with a lot of tiny little hooks on it, probably - but never got past the "endlessly pinning ambitious ideas" stage of the process. But as I wandered the aisles of the Goodwill on that fair Saturday afternoon, I saw it. It. It. 

It already had tiny little hooks on it. 

$2.99 and I didn't have to lift a finger! Bwahahaha! 

And after about thirty minutes of fun untangling miles and miles of chain and cord, I had...

A complete jewelry organizer! I completely forgot how many neat pieces of jewelry I have! I found things I haven't thought about in years! I am so excited to have all my jewelry out and visible!

Okay I won't regale you with any more Goodwill haul. Mostly because that's actually all I have to show you now. :)

Week's almost over folks! Have a great one!


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