Monday, September 22, 2014

I Made a Thing Monday! Lace Tee and Skirt

I think I've just decided that my new wardrobe I'm planning is just going to be made out of my old wardrobe, but you know...fixed.

Remember this number I dropped last week?

Cool fabric, but a little frumpy. So, I fixed it. 

First I took that top, with its weird lining...

And I removed the lining. Well, actually, I had to cut the lining away, because it was sewed right into the seams with the lacy outer fabric. 

Here's that lining, all cut away...

Could be useful later? I'll hang onto it and see. 

Then I chopped the sleeves off from the remaining shirt (the sleeves were not lined, actually).

And I got this! A lacy short-sleeved top that I can now wear with pretty much everything:

Then it was time to tackle that skirt. It was long. Too long. It was a huge part of what made the whole look too frumpy. Plus, as beautiful as that lace fabric is, there was just so much of it. Less is more, right?

This one was pretty simple really. I tried it on and pinned it until it was the length I wanted, then cut and sewed a new hem. Et voila!

Now I think it's much cuter, and frankly I am much more likely to wear it now. 



Turns out sometimes all you need is a little tweak here and there to make the unwearable wildly, wildly wearable. 

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