Saturday, December 13, 2014

Weekend Update: My Absence Last Week and Coming Changes

Hello my lovelies!

Some of you may have noticed (or not) that there were no posts last week. I assure you that wasn't my intention! I had to spend the week in Dallas for work purposes and while I THOUGHT I'd have the time and energy to post some stuff throughout the week, I unfortunately found myself far too exhausted at the end of each day to do so. I apologize!!

I did take some fun pictures from the 21st floor of the amazing building the Dallas office is in. It's right in the heart of the arts district, which is arguably the prettiest part of Dallas. The view from my temporary workspace was incredible:

Dallas has really stepped up its game in the last decade or so. Some of the architecture is really stunning. Check out the curved building here (I think it's a church):

I also had a good view of the front lawn of the Dallas Museum of Art:

And even though they may say "don't look down"...I, of course, looked down immediately. Pardon the reflection of my brightly-colored dress in the window:

(My car is down there somewhere...)

I had a good time, overall. I ate some of these:

(OMG they are SO EFFING GOOD!)

And I got to play with a Windows Surface Pro 3, which had been dazzling me from afar thanks to their pretty awesome commercials:

(Yes, it had a Star Trek: TNG game on it, which I played for about 30 minutes while I was waiting for updates to install on my computer.)

I learned a lot while I was there, which was the purpose of my visit. See, I'm vying for a promotion. I've spent the last three years with this company working as an executive assistant, but I'm ready to step up my game and start learning some of the more technical elements of the work we do at the consulting firm. One day I hope to be a full-fledged consultant! I'm going back to school in January to attend some tech-specific courses so I can get even better at this stuff. It's all pretty exciting!

It does mean some changes to my blog though. While I have no intention of abandoning the blog or my love of all things crafty, I will likely be reducing the number of posts I make every week. With last week as a major exception, I've been attempting to give you a dose of my handmade hell once a day, Monday through Friday. Obviously I'm not gonna have time for that anymore. :( But I am hoping to post at least two or three times a week! It may not always be on a schedule, and it may not always be super well-curated, but this blog is way too much fun for me to abandon it entirely. 

So thanks to everyone who has read my silly little blog so far, and thanks to everyone who continues reading it in the future! I will try very hard to keep it interesting - or at the very least, entertaining - for as long as I am able to handle a sewing machine, glue some crap onto some other crap, or maneuver my way around a pair of knitting needles. 

Much love to all of you and I hope you have an awesome holiday season!!!


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