Wednesday, November 19, 2014


First of all, I HAVE EXCITING NEWS!!!

Last night I uploaded my first ever Instructable onto (I KNOW you guys have been on that site before). I decided to go with my Sweatshirt to Romantic Cardigan tutorial, which I basically recreated for the Instructable. 

So I uploaded it and forgot about it, thinking that there are so many HUNDREDS of Instructables posted all the time, that mine would drop to the bottom of the list and get forgotten and go unseen by the millions of people who visit the site.

Until this afternoon, when I received the exciting news that my Instructable, a mere 15 hours after I posted it, has been selected by Instructable editors to be featured!!!!!


I literally did a little happy dance when I saw the email. I couldn't be more thrilled. :D :D :D 

In fact, I'm so thrilled, I have nothing finished to show you today. :(

However, I do have several works in progress - so without further ado, click the jump to see what I'm working on this week...

A few days ago, I was digging around in my closet when I found a shopping bag that contained these...

Hexagonal granny square-esque afghan pieces for a blanket I started working on a couple of years ago and never finished. :(

I guess I figured I didn't want to crochet the 324 hexes I needed to complete the blanket after all.

Then I promptly changed my mind and spent two solid days pumping out more hexes. :) In that time, I increased my hex stash from 15 hexes to a full 40.

I think my fingers are going to fall off.

HEX COUNT: 40/324

Then this morning I finally pulled out all of the outgrown clothes that belonged to my daughter, since she wants a "t-shirt quilt" too...

You may recall that I made a similar quilt for my son recently:

I'm pretty excited to start this, actually. I learned a lot from the one I did for the little mister, and my daughter's old clothes have some exciting colors, patterns, and fabrics to choose from. I'm going to try and finish it by Christmas, because I am a masochist.

Finally, I did receive a sort-of request for a scarf from my little (not so little) brother, which I started on today while I was watching YouTube lectures for work:

It's a basic 2x2 rib, 28 stitches across so it's fairly narrow, out of aran weight Wool of the Andes by Knit Picks. I can't remember the colorway, but it's a nice hunter green that should look pretty good on him without being too gaudy.

So that's what I'm working on (when I'm not jumping up and down over the excitement of being FEATURED ON INSTRUCTABLES OH MY GOOODDDD!!!!!)

Hump day is humpy. :)


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