Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year, A Resolution, and a Plan!

That's right! I have joined Kristy's fabulous 365 crafts in 2011 challenge! Way to return to the blogging world with an almost impossible splash!

And back I am, I hope, because taking up my blog again is among my many New Year's Resolutions this year, most of which fall into the category of "crafting my ass off." I received a lot of wonderful crafty gifts for Christmas, including the donation of holiday greeting cards and old calendars from my coworkers, so I am SO set for the time being.

So, 365 crafts in 365 days. Er, 362 days, since it's already January 3rd and I've made...nothing! I've finished a few projects, but I don't think I'm going to count UFO's in this challenge.

Here are my own rules, which I hope Kristy will allow, since it's her challenge and all:

1) The completion of UFO's (or unfinished objects) will not count as finished crafts in this challenge.

2) Any and all individual items that are made for the purpose of making a profit (including my etsy shop, another 2011 Resolution) WILL count as finished crafts in this challenge. That means, if I make 20 fancy-paper envelopes, it counts as 20 crafts.

3) The construction or crafting of supplies or equipment (such as a handmade drop spindle, a loom, a ball of spun plarn, t-yarn, or newspaper yarn, etc.) WILL count as finished crafts in this challenge.

The goal here is for me to be crafting every day, or at least almost every day. One of my major goals for this year is to discover my inner artist. I have a difficult time accepting it when people call me creative, because most of my projects come from other people's patterns. I feel that THOSE people are the creative ones - I'm just crafty because I want to use the patterns in my life. So I am urging myself to recognize and accept inspiration when I see it, and to apply it to my crafting so that simple crafts can become true works of art.

Stay tuned for more! I'm buzzing with ideas already!


  1. Woohoo! Welcome to the insanity! I'm counting my ufos in with the finished items, because they aren't finished yet. A lot of my ufos still have a ways to go. I agree that making yarn totally counts as a finished item. For me, most quilt blocks will count as well. I say most, because some or to simple to count. I'm 11 finished items into this challenge. I figure that while I have the creative energy to kick out multiple items, then I should. I know that there will be times when I just won't want to make anything. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished items.

  2. What an ambitious undertaking! I want to know what you are going to do with those Christmas cards. I have loads of them from years past and just can't seem to let them go. Also, hope to see some of the paper cloth. Thanks for visiting my blog.