Tuesday, January 18, 2011

25 Items Complete, and a New Sweater Recon Project!

On Friday I made a chrysanthemum out of marshmallow fondant during our weekly cake decorating class at work (don't ask). It's so purty!

On Saturday I hosted our monthly knit night at my house, which was a WAY fun time, and I finished a 12" block for my Ravelry Block-A-Month Afghan-Along. Sunday I made three 6" blocks, and stitched up a quick quilted crochet-hook-case since I realized I had no way of organizing my hooks at all. Monday I stayed home from work because I was on Day Three of not smoking anymore, and well...I did NOT feel like going in to work! So I read a lot and watched some Law & Order and made three crocheted pop-tab flowers. I've never crocheted with pop tabs before, and it is SO MUCH FUN! So I may have a new love.

Because there is still no camera in sight, I will just continue featuring other awesome crafters in the blogosphere. As you may have gathered from my round-up last week, I've got a thing for sweater reconstructions. Have I done one? Ehhhh, no. Not so much. But that's only because I don't have any sweaters to cut up right now. I will, my pretties, I will.

The awe-inspiring Leanne from Organize and Decorate Everything has created some truly gorgeous sweater bracelets, and her tutorial makes it all so simple. I love the look of these - soft, comfy, and unlike other bangles, won't make that loud clacking noise when they strike each other while you're moving around during your day. I love them so much, and I can't wait to make my own!

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  1. Hi Beth! Thanks so much for mentioning my bracelets on your blog. I'm glad you like them. I wore the blue one today and I love how soft they are. Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate it.