Sunday, October 11, 2009

What Does One Do Now?

So I had a random weird experience today.

First, I was sewing along happily, my stitches were even and clean.

The next time I sat down, just minutes later, my needle thread kept breaking. I rethreaded it, lowered the tension a smidge, and replaced the bobbin (it looked like the needle thread was getting trapped around the bobbin case). That solved the thread-breaking problem, but then...

The needle thread kept loosing itself from the needle. I'd get about six or seven stitches in, and it would just fly out for seemingly no reason at all. I replaced my apparently dull needle and rethreaded the machine, and that problem was fixed, but then...

My stitches started birdnesting behind my fabric. I rethreaded it again (discovering that the thread hadn't fully engaged in the tensioner), and that problem went away, but now...

It just won't sew anything at all! I mean, it goes and all, but there's some big disconnect between the needle thread and the bobbin thread or something, and it just rolls along, needle bobbing up and down, but there aren't any stitches being made.

The Singer website offers no remedy for such a problem, and in fact does not even include this problem in its list of common sewing machine problems.

What is happening here? I've had this machine since 1992, but I haven't used it too intensely. Is it mad at me? Did I break it somewhere between problem one and problem two? Has it "had it"? Is it trying to commit suicide?

I've posted this problem on three different forums, hoping for an answer before Halloween. I'd hate to have to...*shudder* my Halloween costume this year.

Oh well, at least I finished a whole pair of lacey fingerless gloves this weekend, demonstrating my awesome badass powers of knitting. That makes me feel a lot better about being a shitty seamstress.

Off to cast-on...something!

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