Friday, October 23, 2009

Huzzah for Cameras and Sewing Machines

So now that I have a functional camera, I can finally post pictures of some of the stuff I've been working on!

When my sewing machine tanked, I decided it was time to get obsessed with some small, funky hand-sewn projects. Wrist cuffs were a quick and easy answer. Here's what I did:

This was my first one. It looks a bit wonkier and more "homemade" than I really wanted it to look, but that's okay. I still like it. :P

Argyle! Just because.

This one took FOREVER, but I may be proudest of it because of the time and focus it took. I'm not very good at dedicating time or focus to anything, so this was a change of pace for me.

This one is my favorite because it has this great balance of corporate and punk, which I would like to incorporate more into my wardrobe. That is a functional zipper, but no, it doesn't do anything other than unzip.

Two bracelets crocheted from those cheap plastic leis that are so ubiquitous every summer. It was a great way to use them up, and the results are fun and interesting!
But now I have a sewing machine. No, my existing sewing machine didn't miraculously fix itself, nor did I miraculously fix it with tools. My boss gave me hers.

Yes, that's right. Gave. She said that she used to love sewing when she was younger, but now she spends all her time working and taking care of her husband, who has advanced multiple sclerosis. I tried to protest (admittedly not too hard), saying that she could sell it, or maybe I could try to buy it from her, but she laughed and brushed it off. Apparently she has a little tiny one that she can use if she needs to sew something, but she said she didn't anticipate that happening at all for the rest of her life. It made me tear up a little, but I was happy to accept it. It was a generous gift, and I'm really very grateful to her.
Finally, on the knitting front, I'm knitting a hat for my mother-in-law for Christmas, which is taking FOREVER, but luckily I finished this badass hat for my brother first!
Yes, I know. It is badass. So badass that I'm going to make one for me. This one is made from a chunky charcoal wool and...t-shirt yarn! I knew I'd find a good use for all that t-yarn I made a few months back. Actually, it sort of respawned my interest in the stuff, so I'll probably make more this weekend. So I can, you know, make one for myself. :D
So I think that's all I have for now. That's probably enough, right? :P

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