Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Post from my Handmade Hell

In my opinion, hell (the non-Christian interpretation anyway) is a place where you cannot escape that which drives you the maddest. In my case, my own personal hell lies in the realm of handmade (or "DIY") clothing. For over twenty years I have beat my head against wall after wall in gritted-teeth inspiration and impassioned impatience trying to create something - anything - that I could wear beyond the bounds of my own bedroom. So far, those attempts have not yielded me the 100% handmade wardrobe I so crave.

Realistically, of course, 100% is an outrageous and idiotic goal. I'd settle for being able to wear one handmade item every day without repeating myself too often. And as far as the definition of handmade itself goes, I'm fairly flexible there too. Reconstituted, reconstructed, deconstructed, reworked, resized, it all counts. Any time I can lay my hands upon a scrap of fabric, a yard of lace, a spool of thread or a sadly out-of-date garment and create something wearable, I'll count that as being happily handmade.

So welcome to my handmade hell. Things can get a little crazy here, so you might want some safety goggles. And some leather gloves. And something to defend yourself with.

Like a sword or something.

Or some mace.

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