Friday, March 8, 2013

Restyle Roundup!!

Time for another restyle round-up! I am in love with everything I posted here, but I wanted to give you a good old-fashioned disclaimer here:

In this blog post, I have posted links to Etsy shops that are selling upcycled clothing items that I would like to try making. Please keep in mind that I am only using these photographs as inspiration for myself and others, and it is not my intent to encourage or teach people to make their own when somebody has already put the work into beautiful garments and are trying to sell them on Etsy. This isn’t like crafting your own Anthropologie-inspired clothing – I know that it is crucial to keep the market friendly for independent artists like the ones I’ve featured here. So please, please, if you possibly can, visit these sellers and buy something – their work is worth every penny and by no means do I intend to degrade them by saying things like, “I could make that!”

Now that I’ve made myself clear, here are some really gorgeous finds I came across this week:

Here’s a gorgeous little simple tank restyle from a man’s button-up shirt by GarageCoutureClothes on Etsy.
I’ve seen restyles like this before, but I think what I like about this is the menswear-inspired elements that she kept in the tanks – leaving the pocket, for example, and using a tie for the straps. Really cute, and adds a little class and sophistication. Mine would probably not be nearly as polished as hers, but I could definitely see one of these cropping up in my future crafting goals!

I’ve also been way into the color-blocking style of upcycling too: the kind of garments that look like they came from lots of different sources. They’re like beautiful, creative, wearable quilts, but with modern lines and structure. For instance, take this amazing maxi skirt by zasra, also on Etsy:

Or this SUPER special blazer by Broken Ghost Clothing (Etsy again – can you tell what I’ve been doing?):

Or this sweet little tank top, also by Broken Ghost Clothing (in fact, just go browse that whole shop: - everything in there is gorgeous!)

What I love about this tank is that it is FULL of great ideas – the little triangular insert in the side seams to give the shirt more flare, the multi-layered “skirt,” the ruffle on the front – it looks like with a basic tank, some pretty, compatible fabrics, and a moderate level of skill, you could emulate this look!

I can’t wait to try my hand at work like this – combining two or three or even four garments into one could be deeply satisfying, exciting work with truly unique results!!

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