Sunday, March 10, 2013

Color Block Skirt

So you remember how just a couple of days ago I was posting about color block recons and how much I love them and how much I'm inspired by them?

Well I found myself today with a few hours to spare, a Buffy marathon on Netflix, and a couple of garments that had seen better days, so I just decided to go for it. I didn't have a plan, I didn't have a design in mind...well, I kind of did, but after I cut everything to pieces I realized it wasn't going to work, so I had to figure out something else on the fly. And when you think about it, gazing in befuddled panic at a virtually useless pile of scraps in front of you is the best way to design. Really. Honest.

This is what I made:


Which I think is pretty darn cute, and something that - again - I can actually wear somewhere. Not sure where. But OUT. In the WORLD. Instead of just prancing around in it at home because it shouldn't be seen by eyes other than mine.

No, this is hella cute and I love it. It feels very feminine and pretty, and it does give a similar feel to the ones I displayed in my last post. The color blocking process was really fun, and it was exciting coming up with a cute way to put these three completely different fabrics together.

The main green part came from this dress:

 Which was sweet in its own way, but definitely dated and not terribly flattering. Also, I never wear strappy dresses, not even with something over it. I am ALWAYS worried that my bra will show (you don't even want to see the BACK of this thing...bra-city).

So I cut it to pieces and combined it with a schoolgirl skirt in neutral colors and some vintage elastic lace, and I am really glad I like the result because otherwise I would probably have cannibalized it to get that lace back. But I am happy with what happened today, and very proud to put this new thing in my closet.

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