Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When Blades are Dull and Paper is Wet

Just a brief update, more for my own sanity's sake than that of anyone's interest:

My rotary cutter is dull, which sucks a great deal. I tried to cut out my quilt pieces last night, but it was definitely a no-go. Upon examination of the blade, I discovered that it was a) dirty and b) nicked up and dull. Someone on Ravelry (thanks Kristy!) suggested that I use a strip of denim to try and sharpen the edge a little, so I'll give that a shot tonight.

Last night, I started making Recycled Newspaper Beads, which I'm pretty sure I screwed up royally by accidentally letting the paper soak overnight instead of the suggested 1 hour, and also by possibly not adding enough glue. That has yet to be seen, however. The beads are drying as we speak, and hopefully by Friday I'll know if my errors were destructive ones or not.

You want a picture, you say? Well, I'd love to! Unfortunately, even though I found my camera charger all those months ago, now I can't find the cord to put the pictures on the computer. ARGH! I think I just need a new camera anyway. The viewscreen stopped working a few weeks ago, and it's just really hard to take a good picture with a digital camera when the viewscreen is shot.

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