Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Year in Review, Abridged

Hello lovelies!

Well, I sure did drop all the balls here, didn't I? I had them, and then I dropped them. Turns guys are still reading! So THANK YOU!!!

Visiting this old blog and reading some of the comments that have been left in my absence has been awe-inspiring, and I am so thrilled that people are still getting some use of my silly little tutorials even a year or more later. And it has been almost a FULL YEAR since the last time I posted, and let me tell you - I couldn't be more sorry.

I promise I'm not dead - I have just been really, REALLY busy, and frankly, the blog fell to the bottom of my to-do list in a hurry. That's my bad, and I am going to make it up to you. But first, in case anybody is curious about what I've been up to, creatively and otherwise, I want to give you a quick year in review post.

Click the jump to read all about why I've been gone...

I guess the biggest news of all is that I GOT MARRIED last year!!! Yes, mere weeks after my most recent blog post, I married the man of my dreams in a tiny little courtroom ceremony, then we partied our asses off with our closest friends. I wore a dress I bought (yes, BOUGHT - I thought about making it, but I was making every other damn thing for the wedding, so I decided to just go more "traditional" with the whole dress-acquisition process). I got it from Steinmart for like $98. INSANE DEAL! The best part? I'd created a Pinterest board filled with all the dresses I liked for wedding-related purposes, and this was actually one of the dresses I had already pinned! The exact same dress! It might as well have had neon signs and a light shining down from the heavens when I walked in. Here's the dress in full splendor:

(Shout out to Rebekah at Revescent, who provided me with FREE makeup products for my wedding!)

My favorite part was the shoes...we were going with a sort of comic-book theme (my husband and son wore Batman shirts) and so I took the opportunity to make some amazing comic-book-collage shoes!!

I made all of the decorations, too - including the fabulous photo backdrop, made painstakingly out of tiny tissue paper flowers (I actually attribute ALL of the flowers to my dedicated friend Autumn, who kicked all of the ass folding and twisting and taping all of these little bastards and delivering them to me in giant shopping bags so I could glue them onto the fabric).

It was a fun and magical day that I wouldn't trade for the whole world!

Speaking of magical, I got a new kitten! Her name is Selina Kyle. Here she is, being herself:

I also went to LAS VEGAS for the first time ever!! It wasn't for fun though - it was for work (BLAH). (Actually, the work-related stuff was pretty awesome too.) I spent more than a week there, which was a really interesting experience. I walked around a bit, took some pictures, and then, about three hours after I landed, I was pretty much OVER Las Vegas.

I went to the San Antonio Quilt Show, where I saw about three hundred quilts that made me want to pass out with their awesomeness. Choosing my favorite would be impossible...but here are the few that inspired me the very, very most:

And finally, the good are a bunch of things I made over the past year! I haven't been as busy with the making things as I usually am, but now that things have slowed down a bit, I suspect that the I MADE A THING posts will be able to continue at some sort of decent pace in the very near future (next week, basically).

I learned how to make simple chain mail jewelry:

And I made my VERY OWN gorgeous malachite pendant (I soldered the silver and everything!):

I made a new Owl hat for my friend Autumn (the very same Autumn who worked so hard to make my wedding beautiful):

And I made a delightfully girly Dalek costume for my Doctor Who-obsessed daughter for Halloween:

I started experimenting with wire-wrapped jewelry and made this lovely rose ring:

And also this pretty awesome beaded wire bracelet:

And my FAVORITE thing I made this year, my junky chunky bib necklace (look for a tutorial coming soon):

Now for the last of the housekeeping: what the hell am I going to do about this blog???

Well, I'm going to start posting again - that is for SURE! But honestly, work and cats and kids and new husband still have me pretty damn busy...I may not be able to Make All The Things, as I was accustomed to doing last year. So you can expect to see some new kinds of posts here and there. I am STILL going to make things and they will STILL have tutorials...but I'll also be posting new clothes that I've picked up at the thrift store, or awesome things that other people have made, or ideas that I have but haven't put into motion yet. We'll see how it goes!

I've missed you all so much, my lovelies, and I can't wait to get back into the swing of things.


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