Tuesday, March 3, 2015

ATC Swap Package!

Hello lovelies!!

Remember way back when I decided to participate in Mark Montano's ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap?? Well, I sent away my cards...

And got an even dozen AWESOME cards in return!

Quick little post today as I show off what I got. It was like motherloving CHRISTMAS up in here!!

The two cards below came from MorenasCorner.com! "Selfie" might be one of my favorite things I've ever received in the mail, ever. Check out her blog, it's just incredible. It's everything I aspire my silly little blog to become one day!!

The two below are spectacular. They're so weird and cool, and I love them!

These two came from Mark Montano himself!!! I have two little Mark Montano originals in my collection! I think they are super cool and I really like how he let the card markings show through the paint.

Unfortunately the below card did not have any artist information on it! It's a mystery, which makes me love it all the more.

This one is gorgeous in its simplicity. And that wing is some sort of embossing magic that I've never even seen before! I love how she treated the edges of the card and the little Fly Free tags. It's so lovely. And it was made by Teri over at Britefoot!

Another fabulous card with no author information, but DAMN do I ever want to take an adventure to Marion!!!

This one came in a plastic slip cover which seemed odd at first, until I noticed that everything on this card...each and every spiral, doodle, and bit of shading...was done by hand! What a phenomenal amount of work that went into this. Also, check out this woman's blog. It's Marta Harvey and her art is STUNNING.

Finally we have this fantastic piece of sculptural art, made even more so because...it's double-sided! It's like two cards in one y'all!! I basically got 13 cards out of this swap! WOOHOOO!! This card was crafted (impeccably I might add) by the fabulous author over at ThatzUneek!


This was a whirlwind of a swap. I have to admit, I got so bogged down by life stuff that by the time I had finished half of my cards I thought I was out of ideas and considered quitting. I am SO glad I didn't!! Making ATC's is fun, easy, and adventurous. Engaging in a swap is even more so!!

I hope you decide to track one down and participate yourself. You (like me) will probably be surprised by what you can pull out of your creative hat!


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